Things about Squeeze Baccarat You Didn’t Know

What do you know about casino baccarat game? You know that you should place a bet whether on banker or player hand, which one has the biggest card value. Sometimes, you also can place the tie bet. However, do you know about squeeze baccarat? Here are things about squeeze baccarat you didn’t know.

Things about Squeeze Baccarat You Didn’t Know

Asia Starts the Flame

If you observe closely, Squeeze Baccarat doesn’t appear much in Western casinos. Some may have them, but they are somewhat rare. That’s probably because Baccarat still has its ‘royal’ aura among Western players. Meanwhile, the Eastern casinos like to festive up games. Because of that, Squeeze Baccarat was born. Ever since its appearance, it becomes really popular especially in China and Hong Kong. Players like to squeeze open a side of the card slightly to guess the cards. This often brought tension and excitement, especially when people gather and starting to cheer along. Sometimes the players will squeeze slowly, building witnesses tension and create quite the crowd.

Things about Squeeze Baccarat You Didn't Know
Things about Squeeze Baccarat You Didn’t Know

It Really Spice Things Up

The gameplay is still as simple as it is, but the tension makes it spicier. It turns from just a simple guessing game to a game every witness anticipated. Because people are watching, the tension will be different. They cheer louder along with your win, sometimes pointing things out or fanning the flame. The player becomes the center of attention, and their decision will steer watchers’ reactions. Get ready to be booed when you start losing.

Squeezing Actually Helps

It may look like a shallow entertainment for some. However, squeezing the cards can actually help bettors guess on the card value. This means they have better chance while doing risky bets and can actually win it. Here are a few pointers to do it:

Hand Techniques

Generally, there are people who like to squeeze with one or two thumbs covering the corners of the side. Two thumbs totally cover the value, while one thumb gives a chance to see the value on the other corner. It doesn’t matter which you will use. As long it suits your playing style any is fine.

Side Symbols

If you haven’t noticed, some cards have similar sides; both nine and 10 have four side symbols, six to eight have three, four and five have two, while the rest have none. What makes their value different is the symbol in the middle – so squeeze carefully to peek on it.


Slow squeezing will create tension among the watchers, but don’t do it too slow. If you take too long, they will get annoyed and leave. Worst case, some will start to riot. Slowly add the build-up as you win, keeping the witnesses with you.

After understanding things about squeeze baccarat you didn’t know, you really want to try it, right? Just try to play it. You can try by using the game application that you can download for free. Remember that playing baccarat depends on your luck, so do not really get into the game, unless you want to get nothing from it.

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