Basic Information on Online Casino Games in This Casino Malaysia Site

Novice online bettors might feel confused when they learn about online casinos. There are some processes that they must undergo before placing their bets such as registering themselves and depositing their cash. QQ188 gladly assists you by providing the basic information on online casino games in this casino Malaysia site!

Basic Information on Online Casino Games in This Casino Malaysia Site

As the best online casino in Malaysia, QQ188 pays much attention to customer’s satisfaction. Hence, they provide some tips for online bettors. The tips provided by the company will assist the bettors in each process and make sure they go smoothly.

How to Register your Account

By registering your account in QQ188, you get various benefits such as welcoming bonus. You also become eligible to take part in numerous promotional offers. The steps are very easy and it spends only a little time.

First of all, you might want to set the language of the website to make it easier for you to sign up. After you click one of the flags representing your language, the website will automatically refresh its appearance to display itself in the new language.

Next, you need to look for the join menu. In this menu, seek the “join now” button and click it. Then, the website will direct you to the registration panel.

After that, you are required to fill up a form which contains your valid user name, e-mail address, and of course password. Besides those pieces of information, you also need to input your phone number. It will be used by the customer to contact you in case you forget your password. Rest assured that all information about you stays safe and confidential.

Finally, click submit. Voila! You have successfully joined QQ188! You can also register your account using your android phone. The process is similar and very simple.

How to Deposit Your Cash

Depositing your money is very beneficial. It can redeem plenty of promotional offers such as the deposit bonuses. You can do this once you have completed the process of registering your account.

First, you need to search the button “bank” and click it. A new window will pop up and display the depositing menu. In this menu, you will find several gaming software providers. Choose one or some providers to which you will deposit your capital.

Next, you are required to select your preferred wallet. Then, you need to select the payment methods; they are the local and online transfers. If you select local transfer, you must feel the required information. If you pick the online transfer, you need to input your bank name and amount of cash.

There you have it! It’s easy, right? Then, you can click on the promotion menu to check the deposit bonus and offer available for new players who deposit their capital for the first time. Check QQ188’s site to find other tutorials about other processes regarding your finance.

The tutorials on these two processes provided by QQ188 are only some of the basic information on online casino games in this casino Malaysia site. You can find the rest of the tips on their website. Be sure to check the promotion regularly to make great profits easily.

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